Podstawowa Opieka Zdrowotna
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Poradnie specjalistyczne
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Poradnie stomatologiczne
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Rehabilitacja i fizjoterapia
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Nocna opieka zdrowotna
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Usługi RTG oraz USG
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  • Podstawowa Opieka Zdrowotna
  • Poradnie specjalistyczne
  • Poradnie stomatologiczne
  • Rehabilitacja i fizjoterapia
  • Nocna opieka zdrowotna
  • Usługi RTG oraz USG
  • Laboratorium
  • Twig Templating Engine
    Twig is a templating engine for PHP, that provides a sub-platform, making the code easier to manage and customize, and powers the Gantry 5 Particles.
  • Responsive Layout Support
    A responsive layout adapts to the viewing device, whether a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer, allowing for a seamless experience.
  • Advanced Menu Editor
    The Menu Editor in Gantry 5 allows you to change the menu item order, set multiple columns and place inline particles or positions inside a dropdown.
  • Selection of Presets
    Choose from an array of preset style variations, each with extensive customization options to match whatever color scheme you need for your site.
  • Offcanvas Area
    Offcanvas Area for Mobile Blocks The Offcanvas section is intended to enable you to place modules and positions in a special hidden-until-opened sidebar.
  • Structural Elements
    Blocks are self contained structural elements that can be particles, positions or spacers. They have several controls, such as sizing, a list of variations, as well as your own CSS classes.


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